A torch on the spectrum.

Spiritless, but not depressed. Somewhat bored despite exciting people in the area. Have I lost the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary? Would that help to rekindle my inner torch? What I am used to has become so familiar. I often forget to be grateful just like that. How can I digest the [...]

Come again, please.

"Who are you?" is a question I get asked sometimes. Oh, you too! It is also a question that I often ask myself. Sometimes quite regularly and then again there are times when I don't care much. "I am who I am." is a statement from the Bible and probably also from other writings. It [...]

‘Project Unknown’

Sometimes we just look around all of a sudden. We might have a hunch that once again something unexpectedly enters our life. On a journey with plenty of unknowns, we understandably are looking for security. Insecurity creates anxiety; it does open the floodgates for all sorts of fears. As a child, I kept having an [...]