Yesterday a monster, today a shrink.

If you have a mental illness or you have experienced other heavy problems that affected your mental health, you've probably met a psychiatrist. But what the heck is a psychiatrist? They were a kind of monster to me before I first met one in person, meaning that I was scared. Why? Perhaps because he/she would notice something [...]

Different Approaches

Currently, I’m looking for some new answers in my view about mental illness. It’s not just a current thing but rather a topic that keeps coming up again and again. This search is especially nourished by the psychotic experiences that I first had at the age of 21. At the core is a pathological, in [...]

Speak out against stigma!

From my personal experience, I really know that stigma is a hindrance. Yet I never had to make such harsh experiences as some of the people in the video at the end of this text. Stigma can make me feel shy when I get in touch with people who aren't affected by any mental illness or do [...]