Yesterday a monster, today a shrink.

If you have a mental illness or you have experienced other heavy problems that affected your mental health, you've probably met a psychiatrist. But what the heck is a psychiatrist? They were a kind of monster to me before I first met one in person, meaning that I was scared. Why? Perhaps because he/she would notice something [...]

Different Approaches

Currently, I’m looking for some new answers in my view about mental illness. It’s not just a current thing but rather a topic that keeps coming up again and again. This search is especially nourished by the psychotic experiences that I first had at the age of 21. At the core is a pathological, in [...]

Spark glow

Oh, you spark of life, glow with all force in your whole glory as the spark of soul. You strive aloft from the mystic universal fire, carried by the heat of the air, into the dark unknown of the night. Lonely, but yet as one of many, you become aware of your uniqueness. You glow [...]

Speak out against stigma!

From my personal experience, I really know that stigma is a hindrance. Yet I never had to make such harsh experiences as some of the people in the video at the end of this text. Stigma can make me feel shy when I get in touch with people who aren't affected by any mental illness or do [...]